Our Mission

The Edelstein mother/daughter duo. Myself, Rachel Edelstein and my mom Michelle Edelstein have founded this nonprofit. 

Cleats For Future Athletes is a 501(c)3 nonprofit created to bring youth soccer to kids who may not be able to afford it otherwise, we help supply recycled cleats, league fees and other necessities that come along with playing competitive sports. Our demographic is all over Orange County soon to be branching out into Los Angeles. According to Data USA, out of the 3.17 people that live in Orange County 11% live in poverty that’s well over 300,00 people that struggle right here in Orange County. US Census Bureau in 2017 determined that 1 in 5 Californian’s live in poverty. As I know many countries are struggling to put food on the table but, so do our some of our neighbors. We hope that as time goes on we can help eliminate the “pay-to-play” aspect of sports for many families all over California.

Our mission is to lend a helping hand to kids in Orange County to hopefully give them the same opportunity in sports that many of us were so blessed to have. We know how quickly a kid grows out of a pair of cleats if it lasts a whole season it’s a miracle, right? That’s where we want your help, we want those cleats to recycle them and give them to a kid in need. The “pay-to-play” aspect isn’t just the fact that you legit have to pay to play in a leagues, but all the other expenses; cleats, travel, possibility of getting hurt, adds up.

CFFA has teamed up with O.C. Gang Reduction Intervention Partnership (GRIP), a nonprofit through the Orange County’s DAs office, a program that helps kids struggling at home due to family/financial issues stay on a good path oppose to turning towards violence. We have chosen this specific program to work with because their main focus is giving these kids incentives to do well in school, with peers and authority. We have recreational programs we are teaming up with, such as OC Galaxy Recreation league, as our goal is to offer multiply range of scholarships for rec. and hopefully club to kids all over the county then state.


Local Organizations Teamed up with Cleats For Future Athletes

Over 600+ Cleats Donated Locally in OC since Sept. 2018


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